INTRODUCING: Marijuana Education Program

Advent for Solutions is proud to release its newest behavior-changing course: the Marijuana Education Program.  "The medical use and legalization in some states and not others makes marijuana a hot topic these days", said Josh Hartlage, President of Advent, "our challenge was developing a program that was appropriate fo … Read More...

Auto Insurance Monitoring

Assures no-insurance offenders comply with the Courts and alleviates the need for unnecessary court appearances.



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Check Righter

A web-based solution enabling Prosecutors to provide true, state-of-the-art check recovery programs for their communities.



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Delinquent Tax Program

Manage delinquent tax notice process on the Prosecutor's behalf.




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Diversion Manager

Empower agencies by equipping them with a powerful management tool and evidence-based education that makes a difference.


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Divert Direct

The online program that allows users to enroll in behavior-changing web-based instruction and demonstrate responsible personal growth.


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Pay My Jailer

Billing and payment solution that helps recover booking, boarding and other fees that might subsequently be lost.



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Traffic Safety Program

The online diversion program that fills the gap between “forgive and forget” and prosecution.



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Warrant Manager

An online solution designed to assist prosecutors in the creation and management of warrants, summonses and subpoenas.


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